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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Guy Kawasaki's interesting series on startups

1. Make Meaning

People who are successful weren't motivated primarily by money. They wanted to create meaning, create something they themselves wanted to use. So don't be a greedy bozo. Be a pioneer and try to change the world by offering something life changing.

Three ways to do that 1. Improve the quality of life. 2 Right the wrong. 3. Perpetuate something good.

2. Make mantra not mission statements. 3-5 word statements which describe what you do and energize people

3. Jump the curve , not just 10-20 % better.

You have to reboot your brain and thing something drastically different and bigger. Like over ordinary bookstores.

Kill the cashcows : don't worry about creating conflict and effecting existing products

Create passionate products, which may even piss of some people. Don't try to make everyone happy with mundane stuff

E.g. of Tivo : some people hate it.

4. Don't be a typer , be a prototyper !
Don't depend on MS Office, depend on your development tools !

You need soul mates : someone to go along with in the journey. Don't be solo !

5. Be unique and of value to customers.
Being good only in one direction is a mistake.

You provide a unique product or service of high value to the customer.
E.g. Fandango


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